Here is a list of the 66 Dirty PICK UP LINES ever, that I have created for you to impress your love. You can also have look on my another created list on Cute Pick Up Lines.

Dirty Pick Up Lines Part 1

  1. Let’s go to my place and do some math … ADD you to my life … SUBTRACT your clothes … DIVIDE your legs & MULTIPLY ourselves.
  2. I am not a weatherman … but you can expect a few more inches from me tonight.
  3. Are U a raisin??? Cause you are raising my hopes for a kiss right about now.
  4. I could have called heaven & asked for an angel but I think you are a dirty devil instead.
  5. My boys over there bet that “I wouldn’t be able to start a conversation with the cutest girl in this room.” Do you want to buy some drinks with their money?”.
  6. I am not usually into hunting … but I would love to catch you & mount you all over my house.
  7. What did you say that what is your name? I want to make sure that I am screaming the right name tonight.
  8. I will be a Burger King & you will be McDonald’s … I’ll have it my way & you’ll be loving it.
  9. You are so hot and cute … because my zipper is falling for you.
  10. If I have right to rearrange the alphabets … I would put my name first so that you could memorize that what to moan later on tonight.
  11. You look exactly same like an extremely hard worker & I have an opening that you can fill.
  12. U know the great way to stop back pain & lose 20 pounds??? Get a penis reduction … it worked for me!
  13. Why don’t you let me to be your personal sealant & fill your crack in?
  14. I have just received that government funding for a four-hour expedition to find your G-spot.
  15. It must be Christmas night because I cannot wait to unwrap your package.

Dirty Pick Up Lines Part 2

  1. There must be a one light switch on my face… because whenever I see you, you always turn me on!
  2. I can tell you that you are into yoga … why don’t you spend a little bit time while showing me just how flexible you are?
  3. I am accepting applications … if you want to apply … requirements includes your phone number.
  4. You are just like a wine tasting … They say to spit … but I always prefer swallowing.
  5. My doctor told me that I have a Vitamin D deficiency … Want to go back to my place & save me?
  6. I was thinking about you & me & suddenly … out of the blue … I found myself completely undressed & hard down under … How did that happen?
  7. Do U want an Australian kiss? It is like a French kiss … but Down Under!
  8. I do not think that I want your babies … but I wouldn’t mind if I refine my baby making technique with you.
  9. My doctor told me that I have a Vitamin D deficiency … Want to go back to my place & save me?
  10. Do U like bacon? Want to strip?
  11. You are my homework. Right? Because I am not doing you … but I definitely should be.
  12. Just wanted to tell you one thing about my clothes that my new underwear looks really amazing & sexy on my skin … If you do not believe me then I think you should see it for yourself.
  13. Do you need a running partner??? So that I can give you a shot of protein when we’re finished.
  14. Would it be weird if I wanted to bang your brains out, or just that I didn’t call you after?
  15. You must be sweet yogurt because I want to spoon you.

Dirty Pick Up Lines Part 3

  1. I am under so many blankets & I’m still cold … I guess that I should put on some clothes.
  2. I’m an adventurer. & I want to explore your amazing cave.
  3. Your bra does not look like it fits you … do you want to try that free fitting service which I give at my place?
  4. Let’s play Winnie the Pooh & get my nose stuck in your honey jar.
  5. Are U a supermarket new product sample ??? Because I want to taste you again & again without any sense of shame.
  6. I am not romantic & I am not big fan of watching sunsets … but I would love to see you go down on me.
  7. Beautiful Baby girl you remind me of a tide pod … so clean until I eat you then make me poisoned in your love.
  8. You related to Dracula … Right? Because you looked like a little thirsty when, at that time, you were looking at me.
  9. Are you my pinky toe ??? Because I would like to bang you on all my home furniture.
  10.  I do not think that I want babies … but I would not mind if I refine my baby making technique with you.
  11. My teacher, who teaches us a biology at school, told me that the lips are the most beautiful & sensitive part of the body … wanna find out if she was right?
  12. So you don’t want a casual sex … Right? Fine … I will put on a tux & we can call it formal sex.
  13. You are looking same like a boss in that outfit.
  14. Does your name start with ‘C’? … because I can C us getting down?
  15. I am scared of getting pregnant … so do you want to go up to my room & help me to test all my condoms?

Dirty Pick Up Lines Part 4

  1. Whenever I see you … you look like my appendix … I do not know you … but there is something inside me, is saying that I should take you out.
  2. The clothes you have on right now, would look better, when they will be in a crumpled heap on my bedroom floor.
  3. You are an elevator … right? what button I should push to get you to go down?
  4. Why don’t you panic your parents & stay over at mine tonight … without telling them?
  5. Did you have lucky charms for lunch??? Because you look magically amazing!
  6. I am just planning to have sex with you later … so it would be great “if you could be there.”
  7. If you were one of the three little pigs & I was the big bad wolf … then instead of blowing your beautiful house down I would blow you cute kisses.
  8. I am not a weather man … but I think you can expect more than a few inches tonight.
  9. Do you know that my lips are like Skittles & you are going to taste the rainbow?
  10. Let’s see how many four-letter nicknames that I can come up with for you while you bounce up & down on me.
  11. What is your name… can you repeat it again? Because I want to make sure that I am screaming the right name tonight.

Dirty Pick Up Lines Part 5

  1. I want to be honest … that whenever I see you … my knees got weaken … my heart forgets to beat & I want to pull you close & do all sorts of dirty & romantic things to you.
  2. In medieval times … my beer belly would be a sign of cuteness, prosperity & attractiveness … what do you think?
  3. You will Kiss me if I am wrong … but lions live in cities … Right?
  4. I am a great circus master … You don’t believe me? Well … then let me put my head in your mouth.
  5. You have to attend my marriage ceremony … when I get married because the marriage ceremony can’t go on without the bride.
  6. Have you visited the doctors in recent days? Because I think, no I am sure, you need some vitamin me.
  7. If I will have an authority to rearrange the alphabet … I would put U & I together.
  8. I must be a snowflake … because I have fallen for you.
  9. My fridge is full of your best daily routine foods … for when you will wake up underneath me.
  10. Hey darling … did you buy that shirt & pants on sale? Because at my place these are 100% off.
  11. Are you my Insta feed right before bedtime? “because I am about to double tap you over & over again until I pass out”.
  12. You just came out of the oven … right? Because you are so hot.
  13. Medical attention Please … I was blinded by your amazing beauty … I am going to need your name & your phone number for insurance purposes.
  14. Some men go around telling women that they have an eight-inch penis … but I would never shortchange myself like that.

Dirty Pick Up Lines Part 6

  1. Are you a camera … right? Because whenever I look at you … I want to smile!
  2. There is something wrong with my eyes … because I can’t take them off you.
  3. Have you sent the invitation to the party? between your legs in the post or … [pause] … do you want to give it to me in person?
  4. Whenever I saw you … I lost my tongue … Can I put yours in my mouth?
  5. I do not know who will be more happier about us going on a date … me or my mom.
  6. So … what do you do for a living? besides always making all the men excited & warm all over?
  7. Do you like food play?  Because I was thinking that you can be the pasta & I will let you mix yourself up with my balls.
  8. You are a blanket … right? because I love it when you are on top of me.
  9. My magic watch says that you are not wearing any underwear … Oh you are wearing that? then It must be 15 minutes fast.
  10. I think there is a light switch on my nose … because every time I see you … you turn me on!
  11. One of my friends told me that girls hate oral … do you want to help me to prove him wrong?
  12. What do you think that yogurt, cereal, soup & you, have in common? They are all things I want to spoon.

Dirty Pick Up Lines Part 7

  1. You look like a very important passage or paragraph in my textbook … because seeing you is like the highlight of my day.
  2. Hey Baby! I am like a firefighter & whenever I find something hot … I leave it wet.
  3. You must be a high score of my school test … Because I want to take you home & show you to my mom.
  4. You want to know the difference between a unicorn horn & an erection? I do not have a unicorn horn right now.
  5. I think there is some problem with my phone … can you try to call on my number to see if it rings?
  6. Hey baby! I just noticed that you are looking at me across the whole room … I will give you a minute to catch your breath.
  7. Everyone here prefers a sprint to a marathon … so do you feel same like coming to mine? for a quick one?
  8. If I will have to rate you from 1 to 10 … I would rate you as a 9 … because I am the 1 you are missing.
  9. I am afraid because I was blinded by your beauty … now I am going to need your name & phone number for insurance purposes.
  10. Let’s play Titanic game … I will be the Iceberg & you will go down on.
  11. Can you do telekinesis ??? Because you have made a part of my body move without even touching it.
  12. Are you the online order that I placed a few days ago? “because I have been waiting for you all day & night.
  13. If you look that good in clothes … you must look even more better out of them.

Dirty Pick Lines Part 8

  1. You are from European … right? Great … I am European & I will let you come with me for free.
  2. You can do telekinesis … right? Because you have made a part of body move … without even touching it.
  3. I am in need of medical attention please … Any chance that you have an extra heart? Mine has been stolen by you!
  4. Are you the online order that I placed a few days ago? “because I have been waiting for you all day & night”.
  5. Hey! You are cute & I am handsome … Together we would be Pretty Cute.
  6. Have you heard about that latest nuclear technology dramas? Well I have got something you can blow.
  7. A boy gives a girl 16 roses … 15 real … 1 fake & he says to girl … I will stop loving you … if all the roses die.
  8. I don’t think that I want your babies … at least not yet … but I wouldn’t mind if I refine my baby making technique with you.
  9. Are you my school homework? because I am not doing you … but I definitely should be.
  10. You are haunted house … Right? because I am going to scream when I will be in you.
  11. I must have missed the slippery … when we sign when I was walking towards you.
  12. Stop … drop and roll … baby. You are on fire.
  13. Can you start to print out some missing person posters??? I am going to have you tied up for a long.

Dirty Pick Up Lines Part 9

  1. I have not seen my ex-wife for over more ten years … Nobody else has either … I will never tell.
  2. My friend over there, near that car? really wants your number so that he knows that where to get a hold of me in the morning.
  3. Have you ever been to Europe? Good, I am European & I will let you come with me for free.
  4. Let’s play house … You can be the door & then I can slam you all I want.
  5.  What is your name… can you repeat it again? Because I want to make sure that I am screaming the right name tonight.
  6. My nutritionist told me that you are what you eat & I want to be a beautiful woman.
  7. If your upper lip is Christmas & your lower lip is Thanksgiving … then can I come visit any time in between?
  8. They say that kissing is a language of love … so would you mind if we start a conversation?
  9. It makes me feel hardly turned on when I just think about you that you are touching me down there.
  10. I may not have gotten your virginity … but can I at least have the box it came in?
  11. Are you a magic expert? Because you have made a part of me, move without even touching it.
  12. Are you a washing machine? Right? Because I just want to put my dirty load in you.

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